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Welcome to the Triratna Centre Support website.

This site brings together into one place all kinds of advice and information for those running Triratna Buddhist Community projects. The site is managed and updated by the European Chairs Assembly Development Team.

For any help or guidance on this site, resources for Centres or groups, and resources hosted at The Buddhist Centre online please contact the Development Team at  admin@triratnadevelopment.org

We are looking at the transition of Centre Support material to a special ‘private group’ on The Buddhist Centre Online but this is going to take time and careful planning. To follow the new space as it’s updated please send your Buddhist Centre Online username to “support@thebuddhistcentre.com” and the team there will add you. We also recognise that this site is rather out of date. Please be patient while we find the best way of providing online resources for Centres and groups.

In the meantime if you need any help please contact us as detailed above.


Triratna Development Team. May 2015

News update April 2013
There have been some recent additions to the site, here’s a summary:

• Important: Changes to PAYE (UK only)
• Child Protection advice for Buddhist Centres, by Munisha
• New resources for Triratna Parents
• Marriage, Civil Partnerships and Triratna, by Munisha
• New booklet: ‘How Triratna Works’, by Lokabandhu
• Model Policies for Buddhist Centres
• Buddhist festival dates through to 2025
• Triratna Jobs adverts on The Buddhist Centre Online
• For your webmaster – the Triratna Links system and contact details for Triratna website hosting
• Lastly – Seven Papers!

Changes to PAYE (UK only)
UK Centres need to be aware of an important change to the Government’s PAYE system. From 6 April 2013 (ie now!) employers will have to start reporting PAYE information to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in real time, a system known as RTI. If you use payroll software you’ll most likely already know all about it; if not please do inform yourselves quickly! There’s more information and an offer of help from Shantiprabha here.

Child Protection advice for Buddhist Centres, by Munisha
Also principally of interest to UK centres, there’s a new and important piece of research into the area of Child Protection for Triratna Centres, with associated recommendations, by Munisha. Her recommendations are available here: Triratna Child Protection guidance. They were prepared in association with CCPAS, the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service, and are being shared with other UK Buddhist sanghas. A key finding is that the Triratna Buddhist Order or one of its centres or charities could be held responsible if an Order member or mitra were found guilty of abuse of children or vulnerable people, whether or not they were acting on behalf of a Triratna institution, or even specifically as Order members or mitras. For this reason she is strongly recommending that all Triratna Buddhist Centres join CCPAS, make sure they have appropriate policies in place, and ensure that relevant people have current DBS checks.

New resources for Triratna Parents
There’s a new page on the Centre Support site with resources for Buddhist parents and Triratna ‘Parents Sanghas’. It’s at triratna-centre-support.org/sangha/triratna-parents. This includes details of the new Triratna Buddhist Parents Network hosted on Facebook. Kamalanandi who created it has asked all Centres to please print out her poster advertising this – you’ll find it here.

Marriage, Civil Partnerships and Triratna, by Munisha
A briefing on Marriage and Civil Partnerships at Triratna Centres, also by Munisha, is available here. It summarises the state of UK law and incorporates comments by Bhante taken from conversations with Munisha and Vajratara.

New booklet: ‘How Triratna Works’
A new booklet entitled How Triratna Works, by Lokabandhu, sets out to give interested parties a bit of an overview about how Triratna is structured worldwide. Previously this information was scattered about all over the place and actually quite hard to get hold of! It contains introductions to the three ‘Strands’, the six ‘Areas’ we are divided into, the various roles people play in Triratna (Chairman, Mitra Convenor, President, Preceptor etc), where the money comes from and goes to, and more… It’s available in both a downloadable A4 version at thebuddhistcentre.com/eca/how-triratna-works and an on-screen version hosted by ISSUU at issuu.com/thebuddhistcentre/docs/how_triratna_works. I’m sure it can be improved so comments and feedback welcome…

Model Policies for Buddhist Centres
A new area of work for the Development Team is producing a set of Model Policies for Buddhist Centres, following the successful production of a new Model Constitution a year or so ago. Current policies available are at triratna-centre-support.org/legal/centre-policies. If your Centre has a policy in any area of operation that you feel works really well for you, please send it to me – I’d be delighted! send me

Buddhist festival dates through to 2025
There’s a chart of Buddhist festival dates through to 2025 on the Centre Support website at triratna-centre-support.org/ritual-and-liturgy/festival-dates. Thanks to Shantavira for preparing this. They are also

Triratna Jobs adverts on The Buddhist Centre Online
Hopefully you’re aware of the Triratna Jobs space on The Buddhist Centre Online. You are welcome to use it to advertise any job or volunteering opportunity, in fact I can give you ‘admin rights’ so you can do this directly – please get in touch. We’re starting to let people looking for jobs with us advertise there as well – so do look there if you’re recruiting as well…

For your webmaster – the Triratna Links system and contact details for Triratna website hosting
If your website has a ‘links page’(and they all do!) please remind your webmaster to take advantage of the up-to-date ‘Triratna Links’ system, this is a new system replacing the old ‘FWBO links’ list which died a couple of years ago. We think some Centre may not have switched yet which may means your links are way out of date. Full details are at triratna-centre-support.org/internet-strategy.

Contact details for Triratna website hosting
Linked to the above, Samudradaka has asked me to let you (and your webmaster) know that he is now the contact point for all technical queries if your website is hosted with Dharmachakra. You can reach him on support [at] thebuddhistcentre.com. If your website is not hosted with them, you might like to know they are offering free hosting for all Triratna-related websites and currently host over 100 sites for our community – sadhu!

Seven Papers
And lastly – many of you will know that Subhuti and Sangharakshita have been produced a number of very influential ‘Papers’ over the past few years, seven in all, the latest being an exploration of the ‘supra-personal force’. These are all available on the internet, but have now been collated into a handy book called… Seven Papers! It’s available from The Buddhist Centre Online’s LULU page at www.lulu.com/spotlight/thebuddhistcentre.

Hope that’s all useful. Lokabandhu (manager, Triratna Centre Support website)

News update May 2012

Welcome to the new home of the Triratna Centre Support website.  Here’s a selection of some recent additions to the site – the best way to find what you want is still (probably) to use the search box, or the page listings down the right hand side.  The site continues to be open to anyone to access but is not indexed by Google.

The new Triratna Model Constitution is now available for Centres to adopt, it’s been accepted by the Charity Commissioners and implemented by Bristol among others.   It’s up to individual UK Centres whether or not to adopt it, but the European Chairs Assembly are recommending that everyone does.

The Dharma Teaching section contains some brilliant ‘Lighting the Flame’ newsletters prepared by Jnanarakshita.  As part of them he created a range of new publicity resources including a range of pre-designed posters: you just fill in your local details on-line, print them out -and hey presto! there’s your poster!  You’ll find them in the Publicity and Networking section, or just click these direct links:Posters you can adapt for your own use;  Guide to producing publicity materials; or Sample publicity materials (pdfs)

There’s also information about the Triratna Designers forum on Wiggio – contact Lokabandhu if you or your Centre’s designers want to get involved.

The Triratna Web Resources has had a full rewrite to reflect our new and beautiful website thebuddhistcentre.com.  This will be growing and changing for a long time to come, so what’s said here may grow out of date over time.  Latest news (May 2012) is that all Triratna Centres, groups, and other projects are now invited to create their own spaces on the site – please contact Candradasa for instructions.

The Young Buddhists page has new material in the form of updated links to their web presence on Facebook andbuddhismtoday.co.uk ; plus their Guides to Community Living and Starting (and sustaining) a Young Triratna Sangha Group.


News update July 2011
Recent additions include –
– Handbook for Centre Managers working with volunteers: click here
– Guidance on conducting funerals at a Buddhist Centre, prepared by the LBC: click here
– Hearing Loss and Triratna Buddhist Centres and Retreat Centres, prepared by Jnanamitra: click here
– Starting and Sustaining a Residential Buddhist Community – a selection of useful resources to anyone in Triratna thinking to start a residential community, or already living in one: click here
– Sample policies for managing Conflict of Interest and Charity Membership are available here



The idea is that we create this resource together. By sharing our own local Triratna’s ideas and know-how we can all gain and become much more effective and efficient. Each individual centre doesn’t need to be constantly re-inventing the wheel.

If you have material that could make a useful addition to the site, or you have suggestions for areas it should cover, or ‘bright ideas’ to share, please contact members of the Triratna Development Team by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Some of the material on this site will be relevant to Triratna projects all over the world; some is inevitably more UK-relevant. We welcome comments from people beyond the UK as to how ways in which the site can be most helpful to you.

TRYING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE TRIRATNA BUDDHIST COMMUNITY? This site is primarily an advice and resources for those running Triratna projects. If you are looking for information about the Triratna Buddhist Community, or trying to find out how to contact your nearest Buddhist Centre, please try one of the other sites found under ‘Triratna Links’ on the right hand side of this page.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information in this web site is provided as a free service, in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. Accessing this site does not create any form of legal or professional relationship and we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any action taken on the basis of the information provided. It is the responsibility of the trustees of each Triratna to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations.

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