Chairs Handbook

Chairs Assembly Handbook

(Prepared by Vajragupta and Lokabandhu, updated July 2008, December 2008, January 2009, January and July 2010, and January 2011)

TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE: chairs_assembly_handbook_jan_2011



1) A History of the Triratna Chairs Assembly
2) Aims of the Chairs’ Assembly
3) Chairs’ Meetings
4) Joining the Assembly
5) The Executive
6) The Triratna Development Team and the Centre Support Website
7) Business and Decision Making
8 ) Triratna Chairs Assembly Charity
Table 1 – Structure of the ECA / Executive / Development Team
Table 2 – Membership of the Triratna Chairs Assembly
9) The Strategic Priorities
10) The Central Dana System
11) Fifteen Points for Chairmen
12) The Unity and Vibrancy of the Triratna Buddhist Community

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