This section contains two related papers by Vajragupta, both looking at the role Presidents may play in the life of Triratna Buddhist Centres.

The first is a proposal which was AGREED at the January 2009 ECA meeting; it is entitled ‘Revivifying the System of FWBO Centre Presidents’ and contains the following sections –

A) Introduction
B) History of the Presidents System
C) The Evolving Role of President
D) Revivifying the System of Triratna Presidents
—- 1) Appointing a New President:
—- 2) Ending a Presidential Relationship
—- 3) The Role and Value of a President
——– * Connection
——– * Perspective
——– * Helping
4) Qualities of a President
E) Nomenclature
F) Conclusion

You can download it here – ‘Revivifying the System of Triratna Buddhist Centre Presidents’

The second is a preliminary paper containing some research and suggestions which fed into the above. Vajragupta introduces it thus –

“In the summer of 2008, for the first time in 4 years, the Presidents of FWBO Centres met as a group. As a result, Mahamati, one of their number, talked to the European Chairs Assembly (ECA) in July about how they wanted to help re-vivify the system of Presidents. To this end, he made some suggestions to Centres, in particular about how they might appoint a President if they do not currently have someone currently active in that role. We also heard briefly from all the Chairs present at that July ECA: Chairs with Presidents expressed the value to their Centre of having a President, and several without Presidents said that they would like one.

The following document is a summary of the ideas that came out of that Presidents meeting and out of Mahamati’s presentation to the ECA. It has been prepared by Vajragupta, and checked by Mahamati, to help Centre Chairs and Councils think about the role of President, and to encourage you to think about looking for a president if you don’t have one.


A) Introduction
B) History of the Presidents system
C) Changes in the role of Presidents
D) The value of a President
E) Recommendations from the Presidents Meeting to Centre Chairs and Councils
F) Appendix: Centre Presidents as of August 08

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