What is a Centre Chair?

Here are some different resources for Chairs of Triratna Buddhist Centres to help them in their work, or for councils and Centres in their discussions about appointing new Chairs;

1) A short description of the main spiritual and legal responsibilities of a centre chair: what-is-a-centre-chair.pdf

2) A longer, sample job description for a centre chair, covering the main areas of responsibility, what it is they do: sample-job-description-for-a-centre-chair.pdf

3) A model of leadership with describes more how they would do this: a-leadership-model-for-fwbo-chairs.pdf

4) A short, simple, but helpful process of annual review for chairs: annual-review-for-centre-chairs.pdf

5) Some Guidelines for appointing Chairs of Triratna Centres, by Vajragupta. written in 2008 and updated December 2013.

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