Child Protection (UK)

All UK Triratna Centres and other charities have an ethical and legal obligation to ensure the well-being and safety of young and vulnerable people with whom they have dealings. Recent developments in UK case law have prompted me to write this short document for you: Triratna Child Protection guidance final 2013. Checked by a specialist lawyer, it provides all the help you need to meet your ethical and legal obligations.

This document applies to all UK Triratna charities and to any individual UK Order member or mitra working with children, occasionally or regularly, independently or on behalf of a Triratna Centre or other charity.

Munisha, Liaison and Communications Officer, Triratna Development Team

There are many rules and potential pitfalls surrounding the provision of child-care. UK Centres planning to offer childcare – or even planning for their teachers to have contact with children – would be wise to get clear on them before starting. The main areas to be considered are: duration, staff ratios, police checks, insurance, arrangement with parents, and written policies.

Useful contacts include the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (0845.120.4550, or the Children’s Legal Centre ( CCPAS membership costs £50 but includes 20 free police checks (normal cost £30 each!). Thier website also contains a number of model policies eg on Child Protection.


The Charity Commission’s guidance on child protection was updated in November 2006. Now called Safeguarding Children and produced in consultation with NSPCC, the guidance is at

The guidance covers what should be in a child protection policy (covering children and young people up to age 18), the procedures and systems that should be in place, sources of further information, and links to the relevant legislation.

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