2 Basic Buddhist Teachings

Here you can download the handouts for a six-week course, provided by Achala from New Zealand.

Please note that according to Achala further improvement of some of these handouts is needed! Please share your improvements on this website by way of sending them to the Dharma Teaching Coordinator, here.

  1. Conditionality (pratitya samutpada) [[needs polishing]]: Parable of the poisonous arrow; example of conditionality in the Buddhist scriptures; five niyamas; cyclic nidanas and spiral path
  2. General introduction to ethics [[needs polishing]]: A context for ethical practice; criteria (skilful-unskilful); karma; guilt; ethical guidelines; playfulness
  3. The five precepts [[needs polishing]]
  4. The three laksanas (1): Introduction; the three marks and how they are interrelated
  5. The three laksanas (2): Exploring impermanence and unsatisfactoriness; some poems
  6. The three laksanas (3): Insubstantiality; the 6-element practice; selected poems

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