4 Buddhist Core Practices

Here you can download handouts for a six-week course introducing the core practices below. The handouts were provided by Achala from New Zealand. Please note that Achala says they all need further improvement! You can help with this and send your improvements to the Dharma Teaching Coordinator, here.

  1. Meditation: A concise and useful introduction to important aspects of meditation: What is meditation? / the five hindrances / the dhyanas / some aphorisms and poems on meditation.
  2. Mindfulness in daily life: Introducing the general idea of mindfulness and the for domains (or, dimensions) of mindfulness: material things, / self / other beings / Reality.
  3. Cultivating positive emotions: Why intellectual understanding is not enough / acknowledging our present emotional state / taking responsibility for our emotions / possible misunderstandings and mis-applications / skilful emotions and the Brahma Viharas / a poem on compassion / cultivating skilful emotions / Avalokiteshvara and Tara
  4. Generosity: who to be generous to / what is given (material things, fearlessness, education and culture, life and limbs, merits, the Dharma) / How to give / Why to give
  5. Patience: ‘Ksanti’ and its connotations / forbearance (towards nature, our body, other people) / tolerance / spiritual receptivity
  6. Heroes and Energy: the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas as heroes / Going for Refuge implies making an effort / the four right efforts / energy in pursuit of the good / martialling our energy (blocked and wasted energy) / free-flowing energy / balanced effort.

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