6 Some Gurus of the Past

Here you can download Achala’s notes for a 6-week course on exemplary practitioners and teachers of the Dharma—selected teachers from the FWBO Refuge Tree.

  • The Arya Sangha: Spiritual hierarchy; irreversibility; the three fetters; Arya Sangha; 10 signs of a superior man.
  • Kukai: Fact and legend; early life; visit to China; Kukai and Saicho; Mount Kukai and To-ji; later years and entry into Samadhi.
  • Shantideva: Reasons for his fame; his life; legends; example of a legendary text; his supposed indolence.
  • Padmasambhava: Introduction; a legend/myth; historical account of his life; the ‘second Buddha’; Padmasambhava’s teachings.
  • Hakuin: Quote from his ‘Song of Meditation’; background; his life; Hakuin’s teachings and methods; ‘his’ baby child – “is that so?”

Uploaded in October 2007.

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