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The UK Govt Community Development Fund
Faiths in Action – December 2009

The “community development foundation” (a government quango) have in the last few years been giving out grants to local faith and inter-faith groups. Several FWBO’s sucessfully applied for grants.

There is now another round of funding underway – with applications being processed as they are received. In other words; there is no deadline for applications. This means that once enough applications are sucessful, the money will have run out. So, if you think there is mileage in this for you, you need to get moving!

Details of the grants can be found at:

There are four main criterion for applications:
A. Developing the confidence and skills to “bridge” and “link”
B. Supporting shared spaces for interaction and social action
C. Developing structures and processes which support dialogue and social action
D. Improving opportunities for learning which build understanding

Have a think about whether some of the work your centre does, or would like to do, does fit into this criterion… it might be something to do with schools visits, building links with other Buddhists, or other faiths, developing ways of reaching out into the community, working with other Buddhists to visit prisons, or a whole load of other things… the website will give you more idea of the criterion and of the kinds of projects that have been funded in the past.



Community Development Fund – August 08

Here’s news of a grants programme called Faiths in Action that opened to applications on 1st August 2008. Do think about applying to help you improve or extend the services or programme your group, centre or project provides. Several FWBO groups successfully applied for grants in the previous round of grants 2006/7 from the same body that’s running this fund.

This information was provided by Siddhisambhava (FWBO Fundraiser) in August 08. Since then, she has produced a further information pack, available as a pdf download:more-information-on-faiths-in-action.pdf

Faiths in Action is a £4 million grants programme open to faith, inter-faith, voluntary and community sector organizations (not individuals) at local, regional and national levels in England. You don’t have to be a faith based organization to apply, though you do have to relate to the funds priorities. If you got a grant from a CDF fund before you can still qualify for a grant from this fund too. You don’t have to be a registered charity though you do need a constitution and the like. There’s no size limit in terms of your turnover. So this is open to fledging groups and existing giants all! Please spread the word. The fund is sponsored by CLG, Communities and Local Government, the government department responsible for community cohesion related issues. The CDF, the Community Development Foundation, run it on behalf of CLG.

Grants of up to £12,000 are now available in round one, to be spent over two years from April 2009 to the end of March 2011. That could enable many things to happen, it could, for example, fund someone in your sangha to work part-time for two years developing a project or service.

All applications must directly relate to one or more of the funds four priorities:

1) Developing the confidence and skills to ‘bridge’ and ‘link’.
2) Supporting shared spaces for interaction and social action.
3) Developing structures and processes which support dialogue and social action.
4) Improving opportunities for learning which build understanding.

These are very broad priorities. You stand a very good chance of relating to them! I don’t know what the exact criteria was for the last round of funding from the CDF but that seemed very broad too. The Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund (FCCBF) gave £7.5 million to hundreds of groups in 2006-08.

Several FWBO groups were successful in their applications for sums from £2.5K to £24.5K (Clear Vision, Dharmachakra, Bristol, Midlands, Cardiff, Leeds, Surrey, Brighton, Taraloka, Croydon, and the Globe Community Project). I’d recommend having a look at the Grant Offers accepted by this fund at 10.07.2007 to see details of the very broad range of things funded – and to maybe get some ideas! (Though, as I say, the criteria may have been different.) Go to On the home page go to the blue bar at the top to ‘what we do’, select ‘projects’ from the drop down list and the FCCBF is there. Once in that section, click on the list of the grants given in round two of the funding. To get a more specific idea of what a FWBO group did with their grant go to, go to ‘schools’ and then click on ‘visit the review of our work in the last year’. In Bristol someone did the grant application and when they got it, the Centre Council advertised for someone to deliver it – and Kamalamani did a fabulous job!

For more info about this new grants programme go to and then go to Faiths in Action on the left-hand side panel. You can download guidance notes and an application form.

CDF recommend that you attend one of their free briefing events. There are 7 all over England and they run from 10 September to 7 October. They really want to help people get grants. If you send them a draft application before 3 October 2008, they’ll ask one of their consultants to comment on it to help you strengthen your application.

The deadline is 5pm on 1st November 2008. You will know if you have been successful by the end of April 2009.

Questions? If you’ve any further questions after going on their site and downloading all you need to proceed, you can call the CDF Helpline on 01223 400 341 or email them (see website for address). You’ll probably get the ever so friendly CDF Grants Administrator, Sue Armstrong.

Do please keep us posted if you decide to apply, especially if you are successful with your application – we enjoy good news. This helps encourage others to apply for grant aid and trust funding and we build up an experience of applying for them that can be shared. Go get those grants!


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