4 Triratna Fundraisers Kula

The Triratna Fundraisers Kula

The Triratna Fundraisers Kula is for people involved in Triratna funraising (spot the deliberate mistake), whether at Centres or other Triratna or Order projects.

The purpose of the Kula is to:

  • provide focused, practical training and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise
  • to build connections and relationships between Triratna fundraisers
  • to inspire and motivate people to take up fundraising as a spiritual practice
  • to build confidence in fundraising
  • to improve the quality of Triratna fundraising so we raise more money!

The first Kula was in December 2007.  Samayasri, a professional fundraiser with 12 years experience, led that day, was instrumental in the Kula’s inception and continues to be involved. During 2011 and 2012 the Kulas were facilitated by Sue Susnik, however since she left they have been suspended, hopefully temporarily.

There is however a Google group for Kula members to share information and discussion.  If you’d like to share information or make a request to its members, just send an e-mail to triratna-fundraisers@googlegroups.com.  if you want to join it, go to the group itself at http://groups.google.com/group/triratna-fundraisers/ and click on the ‘Sign in and apply for membership’ button.  Note that you will have to register with Google first if you don’t already have a Google account.

All talks and presentations from the Kulas are available on the Training Materials page.

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