5 General Resources

General Fundraising Resources
There’s a whole other world out there, a fundraising world! There’s a huge number of resources, but here’s a few that I’ve personally found helpful, to the point, fun and/or inspiring.


The Fundraisers Kula offers high quality and low cost training days two or three times a year – check out the Triratna Fundraisers Kula page.
The Fundraising Programme is a partnership between the UK Institute of Fundraising and the Directory of Social Change. Its programmes meet the needs of both large and small organizations, cover fundraising in general as well as specific fundraising techniques, and are run at three levels from introductory to practitioner, to management level. Further info from (e) thefundraisingprogramme@dsc.org.uk or call 020 7391 4805 (UK landline).

Books and Publications
The Directory of Social Change is a leading provider of information (and training) for the (UK) voluntary sector. See www.dsc.org.uk for a range of fundraising books.
I recommend:
The Complete Fundraising Handbook by Nina Botting Herbst & Michael Norton, pub by DSC with IOF, a best-seller now in its 5th edition.
Relationship Fundraising by Ken Burnett, pub by Jossey-Bass, a ground-breaking book, the direction much fundraising is heading in, and especially appropriate for the FWBO with its emphasis on the need to build mutually rewarding long-term relationships with donors.

The Zen of Fundraising: 89 Timeless Ideas to Strengthen and Develop Your Donor Relationships by Ken Burnett, Jossey-Bass. That Ken man again. Zen as in pithy, rather than Buddhist. Fun and easy-to-read nuggets especially good for those resistant to reading books about fundraising!

www.sofii.org is the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (Sophie to her friends), a free on-line resource for charitable fundraisers everywhere and an archive of fundraising creative excellence. It’s new, still work in progress and great fun. (Check out Dogen’s letter from 1253, raising money for a monk’s training hall in Japan!) www.thirdsector.uk online version of a weekly mag from and about the UK’s third sector, click on fundraising for latest news and fundraising websites from the DSC, updated and targeted databases. The first one’s free for organizations with an annual turnover under £500,000. The next three cost £175 plus VAT – though you may decide it’s worth it if you want to go grant and trust hunting.






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