6 Internet Fundraising

The internet is a powerful fundraising tool.

JustGiving (www.justgiving.com) is one way to raise funds using the internet, used by quite a number of Triratna charities and projects.

JustGiving is a well known and an obvious choice, but Virgin Money Giving (http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com) is a new alternative which the Norwich Buddhist Centre have looked into. They say ‘We contacted them for an information/set-up packet, and they seem like a great alternative. They charge a set-up fee of £115 with no monthly subscription fee, they are a not-for-profit organization, and we receive more money per donation from them versus Just Giving’.

A third option is easyfundraising.org.uk www.easyfundraising.org.uk. Basically, with them, you register (which is free) and then encourage your Sangha to do their on-line shopping via the Easy Fundraising site – an average of 2.5% of whatever they spend will come to you…

Click here for A Guide to Fundraising using JustGiving, produced for Triratna fundraisers by Lokabandhu in 2009.

There are four sections to the Guide:
1. Your Case for Support.
2. Your JustGiving Page
3. Your Publicity
4. Your Strategy.
The Guide contains some notes on each of these, plus some background information on JustGiving itself and how it works.

The Triratna Development Team manages two accounts with JustGiving; Dhammaloka for India and the Triratna Development Fund for the UK and Europe. You can see a list of all current projects registered under Dhammaloka here, and under Triratna Development Fund here.

General advice for internet fundraising
In addition, click here for some more general suggestions on using the internet for fundraising. This covers the special features of the internet as a medium, the components to internet fundraising, good practice in web-page design and e-mail design, and the swiftest-possible peek at social networking.

www.jumbleaid.com and eBay for Charity
Here’s two more internet fundraising techniques:

Some say there’s no such thing as a new idea and maybe they’re right! Thanks to the internet, jumble sales have been re-visioned and are making a comeback in fundraising!

Convert your unwanted stuff from your home and office into charity funds now! Raise money for your centre or other Triratna projects without putting a hand in your pocket!

How it works in a nutshell.
1. Clear out your unwanted stuff, choose your benefiting charity, and post it on the jumbleAID site (they call them ‘gifts’).
2. Anyone who wants to take a gift registers their interest by making a pledge they’re prepared to pay if successful.
3. The successful gift seeker makes their payment and collection/delivery is organised between the giver and the taker.
4. The payment goes directly into a Charities Trust account. This is a registered charity and the UK’s second largest HM Customs and Revenues approved Payroll Giving agency.
5. They process all donations, adding Gift Aid where applicable and distribute the funds – less a small transaction charge, to the nominated charities. Not a penny goes to JumbleAID.

JumbleAID is free for everyone to use, all you have to do is register to be a gifter and a seeker. Go to Jumbleaid.com and happy JumbleAIDing!

eBay for charity
Raise funds and boost your profile with over 250 million eBay users worldwide. £11K is raised for charity every day on eBay. eBay.co.uk has over £20m users.

There’s three ways you can raise funds:
1. Receive donations. Anyone can give to your charity when they sell on eBay.
2. Run an online charity shop in a marketplace with millions of visitors!
3. Hold a special online auction with ordinary and unusual items eg a place on a meditation course or retreat, generate awareness as well as fundraising!

You have the right to veto any unsuitable listings ie you can trade ethically.

To find out how it works, how to publicise to your sangha and supporters, and how to register, go to www.missionfish.org.uk

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