2 Fundraising Introduction

Click to download: an-introductory-guide-to-fundraising.pdf

The guide is based on notes from a one-day workshop on fundraising given by Samayasri at the July 2006 European Chair’s Assembly. Samayasri has been a professional fundraiser for over ten years and is currently Director of Fundraising at the World Society for the Protection of Animals – an animal welfare charity with an annual turnover of over $38 million. She also gave a lot of advice to the Aranya fundraising campaign in the FWBO. She is excited about fundraising and sees it as the “Dharma in action” – a chance to engage with all sorts of issues around generosity, communication, and altruism.

The notes have been written-up by Lokabandhu and Vajragupta, and checked by Samayasri. Please note that they are based on the questions and issues that arose on one particular workshop. They therefore should be read as introductory notes, rather than as a definitive guide to fundraising.

1) What is fundraising?
2) Why do people give?
3) Why people don’t give.
4) Vision and Mission
5) The “Case for Support”
6) The basics of getting it right:
a) some general points
b) the fundraising pyramid
c) a guide to tax-effective giving
d) grants and trusts
e) regular giving
f) fundraising letters
g) legacies
h) sponsorship
i) websites
7) Further training and resources

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