Fundraising Standards Board (UK)

Advice from the UK Charity Commission about the Fundraising Standards Board (Jan.07)…

All charities know that the profile of charity fundraising has never been higher and – as well as following the legal requirements – best practice is key to public confidence.

The Fundraising Standards Board (FSB) was set up as an independent body to deliver the self-regulation of charity and voluntary sector fundraising, as recommended in the Government’s 2002 Strategy Unit report. The FSB has opened to members and will be launching to the public on 12 February 2007.

For an annual fee, charities that join will be able to display the FSB scheme logo to show that they are committed to best practice in fundraising, to help the public to ‘give with confidence’. Charities that sign up to the scheme must abide by principles set out in the Fundraising Promise, and to the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Fundraising Practice. The FSB will provide toolkits for participating charities and an independent complaints procedure for complainants.

The Commission welcomes this sector led initiative and we encourage you to find out more. For more details about the FSB and how to join contact the Fundraising Standards Board, PO Box 42197, London SW8 1ZS, or call 0845 402 5442, or go to (if your computer doesn’t treat this address as a link, cutting and pasting it into your browser should work).

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