Training materials

This page aims to give you links to all the training materials prepared for presentation at the various Kula Training days we’ve organised. Most of the talks are listed at but there’s other material too, listed below and organised by theme.

Introduction to Fundraising
This is a link to Samaysri’s powerpoint presentation at the December 2007 Fundraising Kula.  It’s the same material as ‘The Introductory Guide to Fundraising’ (which is the second item in the Fundraising section of this website) but is in powerpoint form.  samayasri-intro-fr-guide-powerpoint

Appeal Planning

Here are two links to presentations by Samayasri on Successful Appeal Planning from the June 2008 Fundraising Kula. The first offers an overview of the appeal planning process. The second helps with planning the timeline for your campaign.

Capital Appeals
Here are three links to powerpoint presentations from the October 2008 Fundraising Kula on the theme of Capital Fundraising.  The first is a link to Samayasri’s presentation on ‘Running a Capital Campaign‘. The second is from Simon Okotie, Treasurer at the London Buddhist Centre, who focused on ‘How to Raise Funds from Outside the Movement‘. And third is Vajradevi’s presentation which told the story of the Aranya appeal and the many lessons they learnt.

Regular Giving
Getting standing orders from all corners of the wider community attending classes and events is a vital way for Centres to achieve a relatively stable income they can rely on. Here you can download Siddhisambhava’s Tool-Kit on how to plan a regular giving campaign (aka ‘Hidden Gold’!).

Donor Care
Strongly linked to regular giving is the vital topic of donor care. You can access Amalavajra’s presentation on donor care here; please note that it is a fairly brief document and therefore best used in conjunction with his talk of the same subject, available on the Kula page on FreeBuddhistAudio.

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