Triratna Groups

In recent years there’s been a lot of new Triratna groups, and more recently a gathering-together of resources to support people running a group. This page lists some of what we have so far. Suggestions and contributions are welcome! (Just email Lokabandhu)

Existing initiatives are –

– a series of interviews with people running groups, exploring their history, their highs and lows and learnings. Available on request from Lokabandhu.
– A summary of the interviews and other discussions, condensed into two mindmaps.
– adding all Triratna groups to the main Triratna Address List, to make them more visible
– lots of dharma resources on-line on the Triratna Lighting the Flame collection, hosted on this site.

Other ideas are –

– plans for a private social-network website for people running Triratna groups, a place to exchange experience, seek support, post resources, etc – probably on NING. Watch this space!

Two mindmaps


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