Triratna Growth Fund

Triratna Growth Fund, 2013

In 2013 the Triratna Growth Fund has a total of nearly £6,000 available (£5,800 to be exact). We envisage this being given in relatively small amounts of between £500-1,000 each to Triratna projects around the world, excluding India (Karuna have a separate fund for new Dhamma projects in India). Recommendations for which projects to fund will be made by the Growth Fund Committee (Amalavajra, Dhammadassin, Lokabandhu, and Munisha) with the final decisions made by the European Chairs Executive in June. The money should be available for distribution on or around June 19th.

The guidelines for the Fund remain the same as previous years, and a summary of them is given at the bottom of this document.

The closing date is April 22nd 2013.

Please contact Lokabandhu if you have any questions.


Application Guidelines for the Triratna Growth Fund 2013
In general –

* Proposals are invited from applicants world-wide excluding India (Karuna have a separate fund for new Dhamma projects in India).
* The aim of the fund is to encourage the growth of the Triratna Buddhist Community.
* By growth we principally mean activities that bring new people into contact with the movement through Dharma and meditation teaching.
* We want to prioritise those activities that are most effective in doing this.
* We want to avoid supporting projects that have existing or alternative sources of funding.
* Due to the limited amount of money available we don’t envisage making grants for land purchase or construction work.

We are open to making grants of any size within our budget, however we principally envisage making grants of small amounts of between £500-1,000 each. Examples of areas we envisage funding are:

* People or teams starting new initiatives
* Pioneers working in small situations
* New outreach projects
* Projects providing resources that directly support growth
* Support for outlying groups

We are particularly keen to support proposals that show good planning, local fundraising, a proven track-record and good links with other parts of the movement. We want projects to be sustainable and to have a long-term future.

How to Apply
Applications should be made by email to Lokabandhu. There is no ‘application form’ to complete, but applicants are asked to review and follow the guidelines below.

Application Guidelines
The guidelines specify what we need to know about the project itself and how you see it fitting the fund’s aims.
Please make sure your application covers all the following areas – please also feel free to send additional information if you think it would be helpful to us. However please do remember that often “less is more” – pages and pages of minute detail about last year’s accounts are not especially helpful!

Areas to cover
1 Your name
2 Name of your project
3 Who is involved?
4 If there are several of you, what are your links with one another?
5 What are your links with outside sources of support eg mentors, supporters, KMs?
6 What do you want to do? Please give a thorough description.
7 What are your aims? How will you measure success? How will this project help ‘grow’ the Movement?
8 How sustainable is your project, after any funding we may be able to offer has been spent?
9 What are your plans for your project if the Growth Fund says no?
10 How much are you asking for? (in UK £sterling)
11 Have you approached anyone else for funding? If so who, and what was the outcome?
12 Are you open to part-funding? If so, which part of your proposal would you prioritize?
13 Can you summarise the financial details of your project?
14 Do you expect to be asking for more next year?
15 Is your project registered in any formal way eg as a charity or branch of a charity? If so, who are your Trustees?
16 Will there be any difficulty passing the money to you?

Timetable for Decisions
The deadline for applications is April 22nd 2013. The Growth Fund Committee will be meeting on April 30th, when all the applications will be looked at together, and decisions made about what grants to recommend to the Chairs Exec. They will take the final decisions in mid-June 2013. Grants should be available for distribution immediately thereafter.

Project reports
Projects receiving grants will be asked for a project report in early 2014.

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