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A great many of us send circular emails. It’s an easy, cheap and quick way to reach a very large number of people.

However, I’d like you to consider whether you are inadvertently spamming on behalf of your Centre. Spam isn’t just generated by ‘bad’ people trying to get you to look at pornography. It’s generated by anyone who thoughtlessly churns out mass email.

* Please discriminate about who you email to.
Speaking for myself, I found myself creeping on to email lists —  lists for Centres I’ve never been to and from people I’ve hardly met!

* Please send email address updates to the relevant Order and FWBO Address lists. Please don’t email every single Order member with your Centre’s new email address.

* Please add a relevant subject line.
When I’m scanning incoming email visually, I will semi-automatically delete mail that has no subject line (or has a suspect subject line) on the basis that nine times out of ten it’s just spam, even from an apparently kosher looking sender. I interpret no/dodgy looking subjects as virus generated spam: I suspect that quite a lot of people will do something similar, especially if they get a lot of email (a high percentage of which really is spam).

* Please distribute your circular email as a Blind Carbon Copy (sometimes written Bcc in your email software) rather than an open Carbon Copy (often written Cc).
It’s a breach of people’s privacy to allow their email address to be publicly distributed. We wouldn’t distribute their phone number’s like that.
It’s also an effective way of distributing a pret-a-porter spam list. ‘Bad people’ can take advantage of this: but ‘good people’ do to! Say a Centre sends out message Cc their whole mailing list. A receiving Order member decides to Reply All to advertise a course or retreat. That’s would be simple, albeit innocent, case of email harvesting.

* Please keep your messages short.
Research shows that people are willing to read only a very short amount of text on a computer — so any message that’s more than 200 words will likely as not go unread. Edit down to the point as far as you can. insert only one ‘idea’ per paragraph and put the key points of the whole message in the first paragraph.

* Please avoid attachments unless they are fundamental to the message. Remember, not everyone has broadband. Some attachments can take silly amounts of time to download with a dial-up connection. This is made all the more annoying when the resulting file simply contains a copy of a printed leaflet — that duplicates the information in the main email anyway!

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