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This page has been rewritten in May 2012; and among many other changes now reflects our new and beautiful website  This will be growing and changing for a long time to come, so what’s said here may grow out of date over time.  Latest news is that all Triratna Centres, groups, and other projects are now invited to create their own spaces on the site – please contact Candradasa for instructions.

Finding us online.

Many local Triratna websites have changed as the name change from FWBO to Triratna has slowly worked its’ way through; check for the latest.

Triratna News is now at .  It remains the main source of news and developments around Triratna.  Archives remain at  The Feedblitz subscription service is currently not open to new subscribers, but we hope this will be revived soon.

Triratna Jobs (and Volunteering) is now at .  Contributions welcome – you just need to register on thebuddhistcentre and ask Lokabandhu to be added to the group as a contributor.


Triratna has many fundraising pages on justgiving including a home page at .  Some of these are administered by the ECA, some by Dhammaloka, a Triratna charity dedicated to fundraising for Indian Dhamma projects, some by other Triratnas.

Social Networking
The main Triratna Facebook pages are at and ; there are numerous others eg Padmaloka, Vajraloka, Buddhafield, Karuna, Sangharakshita, Wildmind, Buddhafield New Zealand and more – there is, in principle, a list here .

Linked to thebuddhistcentre are a raft of new elements in Triratna’s ‘web presence’.  Here’s a few:


Google +


Issuu (eBooks, Essays, and Articles)

Lulu (Triratna Print On-demand Books)

Scribd (eBooks, Essays, and Articles)

Soundcloud (The Buddhist Centre)

Tumblr (Three Jewels in the World)

Audioboos (short audio posts on Buddhist practice)


Audio-Visual-Video Media
Free Buddhist Audio is exactly that, and more. It also contains a great many texts, especially Sangharakshita’s lectures and seminars.

Videosangha 200 or so short videos on all sorts of Triratna/Buddhist topics. Managed by ClearVision.

Triratna Photos 3000+ photos in 80 sets. Unlimited account with Flickr. Very useful for creating little slideshows etc in other posts.

Triratna Artists An unofficial and very partial collection of photographs of works by Triratna artists.

Sangharakshita  Administered by Candradasa.
Including on-line books by Sangharakshita There are currently 14 available, and more are being added.

Audio books by Sangharakshita 18 of Bhante’s books read out for free download, courtesy of Subhadra

Ask a Buddhist A great collection of one-minute answers to children’s questions, by a range of Buddhists inside and outside Triratna.

Award-winning DVD packs with teacher’s notes:

Loads of information for pupils (and others):

Other Resources
Triratna Resources is a bit of a one-stop shop maintained by Lokabandhu. It includes anthologies of past Triratna News stories and also –

* Triratna Texts – our main texts eg the Puja, for easy download

* Triratna Translations (at – dated 2007 but reasonably current.

* Triratna Searches – three Google custom search facilities, searching Triratna News; Triratna Centres; and Triratna People respectively.  There is also a Google Search facility for thebuddhistcentre available here.

* The Order Mosaic is a clickable version of the 2008 Order Poster, including a Google search facility at the bottom of each photo.

* Triratna Articles is an index of Triratna articles

* Triratna Bibliography An academic bibliography of the FWBO, compiled by Vishvapani, is available at

* Triratna on Google Books Google seem to be scanning an extraordinary number of books, including many referring to the Triratna. See


Other less used spaces include –

Triratna People was created by Satyadarshin, it lists 200+ Triratna people and their websites; it will hopefully be integrated into over time.

FWBO MySpace  – The FWBO as you’ve never seen it before! A profile administered by Lokabandhu but not yet developed at all.

Triratna Orkut  An Indian initiative, created by Dhammakranti people.

Last but not least is Triratna Centre Support at .  This site! A WordPress blog administered by Lokabandhu. A great resource as you doubtless know if you’re using it!

As part of Triratna Centre Support there is Lighting the Flame, aka Triratna Dharma administered by Dhammaloka. Substantial resource but it’s not that easy to find stuff  – maybe best to use the Search function.


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