In February 2012 the Charity Commission approved a new ‘standard’ Constitution for use by any Triratna charity. This is available here: Triratna Buddhist Community Model Constitution (PDF) or here  Triratna Buddhist Community Model Constitution (Word version).  The August 2011 European Chairs Assembly formally accepted it and recommended it to all UK Triratna charities.

To adopt it, you’ll need to download it and add the details of your local Centre.  Instructions for submitting it to the Charity Commissioners are given in the notes which form part of the document.  Using this should make the process of registering a new Triratna charity (or updating an existing constitution) very straightforward. It will simply be necessary to mention that the constitution you are using has been ‘pre-approved’; the Charity Commission letter and reference number giving this approval is included in the Constitution document.  It will also help us maintain unity and a shared way of doing things across Triratna’s many charitable institutions.

There are two new policies which form part of the  new Constitution.  Centres are  required to have a written policy for managing conflicts of interest within the Trustee body; a model policy is included in the Constitution documents above but is available separately here: Conflict_of_Interest_draft_model_policy.

Centres are also required to have a written policy for determining membership for their charity, and again, a sample model policy (based on that adopted by North London) is available here: Membership_of_Triratna_Charities_draft_model_policy


If you have any questions please contact Lokabandhu.


Previous constitutions of FWBO charities are still available from the links below –

1) A “precedent” FWBO Charity constitution produced by a solicitor, with some explanatory notes. precedentconsitution.pdf. A Word version of this is also available here; this will be much easier to modify for your specific needs. precedent-constitution-template. A version for a Triratna Buddhist Community centre is available here – triratna-precedent-constitution-template; it is the same as the FWBO Constitution in (1) above, with the name changed.

2) Buddhafield’s Articles of Association as a Company Limited by Guarantee. articlesofassocationforcompanylimitedbyguarantee.pdf

3) Buddhafields’s Memorandum of Association as a Company limited by Guarantee. memorandumofassociationasacompanylimitedbyguarantee.pdf

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