Dharma Teaching

This section contains a wide range of Dharma teaching materials available to anyone leading Triratna classes at whatever level. It was started by the ‘Lighting the Flame’ group of Triratna Dharma teachers and continues to bear their chosen name. The teaching material is all downloadable and has been submitted by Order members from all over the world.

Further development of this resource will depend on all our contributions. You are welcome to submit material, wether complete courses or individual teachings. Please send them to Lokabandhu, who is managing this section of the Centre Support website.

The pages on the right show you the page structure for the new layout of the Dharma Resources section of this site – also known as ‘Lighting the Flame’. Material is arranged by level of involvement followed by the type of material, thus:

Beginners – Meditation
Beginners Buddhism
Beginners Triratna

Friends – intro
Friends – Meditation
Friends Buddhism courses
Friends Buddhism other
Friends Puja and Devotion


Right Livelihood

Mokshini has prepared a great summary of how Triratna’s System of Practice (Integration-Positive Emotion-Spiritual Death-Spiritual Rebirth-Spiritual Receptivity links with the above levels; it’s available here: Ideas for communicating Triratna’s System of Practice.

Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions for improvements, add comments, or ask questions. There are some simple guidelines that we’d like you to keep in mind when submitting teaching resources for this website.

If you are interested in an overview about what is taught at urban Triratna centres, you can here download a survey prepared by the Dharma Teaching Coordinator for the Chairs Assembly July 2008.

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