Courses (level 1)

Complete Courses

A six-week Introduction to Buddhism course, by Sagaraghosa of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, UK. Including excellent handouts with many images, yet adaptable to other languages. Course themes include context and history, basic teachings, ethics, symbolism, and the spiritual community.

Essentials of Buddhism and Meditation, a six-week course from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. The course offers introductions to the basic meditation practices and covers topics

    buddhism: the basics and the path
    the Buddha, historical and ideal
    ethics, meditation, wisdom
    the sangha, the fellowship of practitioners, and six emphases of the fwbo.

Introductory course materials by Vajramati, New York. There are course notes, handouts with reference materials etc. for several four-week courses on:

  • the Four Noble Truths,
  • the Eightfold Path,
  • the Six Perfections, and
  • the Wheel of Life.

To access this material, follow this link:

Outlines of courses

Outline for a six-week Introduction to Buddhism course by Suvarnaprabha, San Francisco Buddhist Center. The course is based on Chris Pauling (Vadanya), Introducing Buddhism. It includes a Buddhism Quiz which can be used independent of the course.

German version of the ‘Buddhism Quiz’ by Amogharatna, Buddhistisches Tor Berlin: Buddhismus Quiz

Einführung in den Kurs “Praktischer Buddhismus”, Buddhistisches Tor Berlin. Ãœberblick über einen 6-Wochen-Kurs, basierend auf den Büchern Buddhismus auf einen Blick von Kulananda und Wegweiser Buddhismus von Sangharakshita.

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