Introduction to Buddhism

A 6-week course by Sagaraghosa (Cambridge Buddhist Centre, UK)

Note that all handouts can easily be adapted to other languages without losing the images!

A single PDF containing all the handouts in one document is available here. level-1-buddhism-course-by-sagaraghosha-complete

Week 1 – What is Buddhism?

Week 2 – History: the Buddha and later developments

  • Guide for Teacher 2
  • Handout 2.1 (4 pages) on the spread of Buddhism, including maps and images. (Note that you may have to adapt diacritics in the text to your own fonts.)
  • Handout 2.2 (2 pages): Historical outline on the life of the Buddha and phases of Buddhist development
  • Handout 2.3 (2 pages): Short extracts from the Buddhist Scriptures (Pali Canon, Mahayana, Vajrayana)

Week 3 – Basic teachings of the Buddha

Week 4 – Buddhist ethics

Week 5 – Sangha: the spiritual community

Week 6 – Symbolism and ritual in Buddhism

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