Courses (level 2)

Buddhism Courses for Friends and Regulars

Buddhism Level 2 in Six Modules. Six courses with teachers notes and handouts, designed and provided by Vajrapriya, Cambridge Buddhist Centre, UK. Click here for detailed overview over the six modules.

  1. Traditional Buddhism – What makes you a Buddhist?
  2. Buddhist Wisdom – doctrinal Dharma
  3. Buddhist Wisdom – symbolic Dharma
  4. Buddhist Ethics
  5. Ritual and Devotion
  6. The FWBO System of Spiritual Practice

The Noble Eightfold Path. Notes on his 8-week course held at Glasgow Buddhist Centre, by Suryavamsa.

Seven Courses — some introductory, some beyond, and each over six or seven weeks — provided by Achala from Wellington, New Zealand.

  1. Approaching the Buddha (six weeks)
  2. Basic Buddhist Teachings (six weeks)
  3. Mahayana Buddhism (six weeks)
  4. Buddhist Core Practices (six weeks)
  5. Further Practices (six weeks, not yet uploaded)
  6. Some Gurus of the Past from the FWBO-Refuge Tree (six weeks)
  7. Reflection and Contemplation (seven weeks, not yet available)

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