Buddhist Doctrines


1. The Transcendental Principle — “Why study the Survey?” An introduction to the main themes of the first chapter of Sangharakshita’s “A Survey of Buddhism”. Provided by Cittapala. This material comes in two parts: one, two.

2. The Five Spiritual Faculties:
the-five-spiritual-faculties-in-everyday-life.pdf, by Dhammaloka
Suggestions for how to translate the Five Indriyas (the spiritual faculties of faith, wisdom, mindfulness, vigour, and meditation) into precepts for daily life.
the-five-spiritual-faculties-and-near-enemies.pdf, by Dhammaloka
An article exploring in detail how the faculties may be balanced with each other, and also introducing the ‘near enemies’ of each faculty.
balancing-the-five-spiritual-faculties.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A diagram used in workshops on ‘work as practice’ to help people check their balance in terms of the five spiritual faculties.

3. The Seven Wealths
An exploration seven spiritual qualities, mentioned in the Ugga Sutta of the Anguttara Nikaya. The seven qualities are saddha (faith), sila (ethical behaviour), hiri (shame, self-respect), ottappa (consideration of others or consequences), suta (listening and learning), caga (liberality, letting go), and panna (wisdom). To access the material, please go here. (Provided by Dhammaloka)

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