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This page of the site provides teaching material on Meditation suitable for Friends or Regulars. The page is in several sections, arranged like this:

> Complete ‘Level II’ Meditation Courses

> Other ‘Level II’ Meditation materials

Each section consists of a long page containing a variety of material; it is arranged with the most-fully-developed and easiest to use at the top; leading down to simple outlines or notes for possible courses at the bottom. In this way once the page has loaded, you can scroll up and down to see the range available.

The material at the top of each page should be ‘ready to use’; it generally consists of well-prepared courses often including attractive handouts.

Complete ‘Level II’ meditation courses

Level 2 Meditation Course (Sagaraghosha, 6 weeks)

This six-week course was provided by Sagaraghosha from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, UK.

Week 1:

Guide line for the teacher (Outlook over the course; setting up and preparing; ‘useful emotions’; exploring values; general and specific intentions

Handout 1 on preparing for meditation

Handout 2 (main points from class + meditation diary 1)

Week 2:

Guide line for the teacher (review; reviewing metta bhavana; balancing effort; trying this out with mindfulness of breathing)

Diary 2: Balancing active and receptive effort

Week 3:

Guide line for the teacher (review; focus and broadness)

Diary 3: Focus and broadness

Week 4:

Guide line for the teacher

Handout ‘Exploring experience’ (positive and negative aspects [hindrances and factors of absorption])

Diary 4: Exploring experience

Week 5:

Guide line for the teacher (review from last class; guided meditation; using the four ‘types’ of meditation from first course; levels of meditation)

Handout ‘Hindrances and Antidotes’

Handout ‘Experimenting in Meditation’ (with difficulties)

Diary 5: Making choices

Week 6:

Guide line for the teacher (review of course; making the transition from inner to outer experience)

Handout ‘Working in Meditation’ (changing mental states; developing more positive mental states)

Diary 6: Exploring positive mental states





Living Practice Workbook (LBC)

Living Practice Workbook (LBC, 60 pages)

The Living Practice workbook is an exceptionally detailed resource which leads participants through the process of recording their experience during a whole meditation course.

To use this you will need to download two files: Buddhist Meditation: Living Practice Workbook and How to Use the Living Practice Diary. Both are in Microsoft Word format


Teachers notes are also available for Maitreyabandhu’s ‘Life With Full Attention’ on the Beginners Meditation page of this site.




Cultivating Insight (LBC, 9 weeks)

Cultivating Insight‘ is a series of 9 letters to the participants of a meditation course at the London Buddhist Centre.






Other ‘Level II’ meditation materials

Aspects of Mindfulness


Approaching Life as Learning

Chinese-English version of the two handouts above

(Provided by Dhammaloka)





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