Work as Practice

On this page, we’ve collated various exercises and reflections on Work as spiritual practice. Most of them have been tested in, partly, long-term courses with people working in all sorts of professions.

Reflecting on Work

work-as-spiritual-practice.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A list of topics to consider when developing a spiritual dimension to your work. This list is derived from Dhammaloka’s talk ‘Introduction to Right Livelihood’ that is found under Point B on the page ‘Talks, Articles, Resources’ in the Right Livelihood section of this website.

Think of adapting the Urban Retreat approach to the work life. The Urban Retreat enables people who find it difficult to go away for a week’s retreat to bring a retreat into their normal working and family commitments.

Ethical considerations

Please note that the resources under this heading are the same as those under point D of Exercises&Reflections in the ‘Right Livelihood’ section.
1) exploring-the-ethical-dimension-of-our-work.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A guided reflection on how our work accords with traditional notions of ethical/right livelihood.
2) identifying-habits-and-patterns.pdf, by Dhammaloka
An exercise that helps to identify with habitual patterns in our working day.
3) coursing-the-worldly-winds-1-recognition.pdf, by Vajragupta
Text explaining the teaching of the 8 worldly winds, plus a reflection on identifying them in your life.
4) coursing-the-worldly-winds-2-responding.pdf, by vajragupta
A follow-up to the previous workshop, looking at antidotes to the worldly winds.

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