Giving Avalokitesvara a Hand
An exploration in imagination and Sangha-building.
Taking images of the 42 ‘major’ hands or emblems of Avalokitesavara/Kuan Yin participants explore both the great variety of Bodhisattva activity and how they might themselves contribute to it. Provided by Dhammaloka.

Possible objectives:

  • Exploring the variety of enlightened activits
  • Introducing GuanYin / Avalokitesvara
  • Sangha-building, getting to know each others’ personal interests and strengths
  • Playful exploration and gaining of commitment to contribute to the mandala
  • Contextualize Avalokitesvara / GuanYin in the White Lotus Sutra
  • Introduce Avalokitesvara as a symbol of the WBO

The material for download:

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