English Language Ritual

Click below to download Word documents with the following pujas…


The following Pujas and invocations are in pdf format

Akshobya Puja written by Saccanama akshobya-puja.pdf

Amitabha Puja, based on verses from Shinran’s Collected works, compiled by Dhammaloka.

Another Puja to Amitabha, provided by Amoghavajra.

Vairocana Puja compiled from the Avatamsaka Sutra by Sobhanandi vairocana-puja.pdf

Invocations of the Five Buddhas of the Mandala written by Saccanama invocations-of-the-five-buddhas.pdf

Gandavyuha Puja, compiled by Dhammaloka

For the sevenfold puja, you can go to: http://www.jagara.co.uk/pujaprint.html

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