Cultivating Insight

This material—provided by Sudarshini and Maitreyabandhu from the LBC—consists in 9 letters to course participants. These letters were sent out by Email a day or two after the class.

Undoubtedly, you will have to adapt the letters to your own circumstances.

Mail 1: Review of class (3 lakshanas/qualities to develop/gateways of liberation); suggestions for daily reflection and meditation practice.

Mail 2: Clarity and impermanence, the gateway to the signless Samadhi.

Mail 3: Animmita Samadhi; integrating the mind-heart; exploring clarity, sensitivity, and openness.

Mail 4: Dukkha and the importance of how we respond to it; opening the heart in meditation and daily life.

Mail 5: Dukkha and the Apranihita Samadhi; suggestions for daily life reflection and meditation.

Mail 6: Dukkha and Saddha; reflecting on values in life; meditating on gratitude, appreciation, contentment.

Mail 7: How to think of ‘path’ and ‘goal’; the lakshana of insubstantiality (Anatman); reflecting on interconnectedness; letting go of identifications; watching out for signs of alienation, appropriation, and self-dislike.

Mail 8: More on openness and loving others; suggestions for daily life reflection and meditation.

Mail 9: Reviewing the course and exhortation to continue practising.

Evaluation Form to the course.

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