Meditation Workbook

A detailed instruction for a meditation diary over 4 or 6 weeks.
Provided by the LBC team.
Focus is on Mindfulness of Breathing, Body Scan, and Metta Bhavana.
Including clear reminders of essential aspects of the practices.

Week 1: anchoring awareness to the body
Breath and Body — focus on good preparation and anchoring awareness to the body; becoming aware of tensions and discomfort; noticing positive factors.

Week 2: focus supported by breadth
Breath and Breadth — including all one’s experience in awareness; learning about feelings and the mind; physical counterparts of mental states; ending the practice.

Week 3: the spirit of exploration, appreciation, warmth
Positive Emotion — self-metta and confidence in one’s potential; bringing the friend to ming; warm awareness and enjoyment.

Week 4: practising with patience, persistence, sensitivity
Mature Effort — appropriate activity and receptivity; working with distractions and feelings; developing sympathy.

While weeks 1-4 can be used as a complete set, for those who wish to go deeper, a workbook over 6 weeks is offered.

Week 5: naming, acknowledging, regarding positively
Knowing the mind and working with hindrances to meditation; exploring mental states without condemning; naming and owning; cultivating the opposite.

Week 6: cultivating an attitude of learning and exploration
Fruitful attitudes to meditation — adjusting expectations in relationship to one’s experience; bringing imagination to the practice; reflecting.

Outlook: where to go from here?

Download the workbook:

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