Retreat Teachings

Stilling and Seeing Through
An article by Smritiratna, explaining how he has been introducing insight contemplations at Friends level, over the last three years, especially on “Stilling and Seeing Through” retreats. Download here.

Anapanasati Sutta
Handout 1a: Intro to Sutta and Mindfulness Handout.
Handout 1b and 2: First and Second Instructions—Duration Quality Handout
Handout 3 and 4: Third and Fourth Instructions Handout
Handout 5 and 6: Fifth and Sixth Instructions Handout
Handout 7 and 8: Seventh and Eighth Instructions Handout
Handout 9: Ninth Instruction Handout
Thirteenth—Fifteenth Instructions Handout
Focus: unspecified
Brief: Hand outs I give out on retreat that accompany teachings on the Anapanasati Sutta.
Viveka, San Francisco Buddhist Center

The Sutta
Condensed Method Instruction
Maintaining Engagement
Anapanasati Puja
Focus: unspecified
Brief: More anapanasati teaching materials that I’ve used on retreats.
Viveka, San Francisco Buddhist Center

Material on Metta Bhavana
Developed by Dhammaloka for a retreat at Vajraloka. You can download the following pdf documents.


Pure Awareness
Pure Awareness Course Outline
Pure Awareness Course (2005): Talk One
Pure Awareness Course (2005): Talk Two
Pure Awareness Course (2005): Talk Three
Pure Awareness Course (2005): Talk Four Pure Awareness Course (2005): Talk Five
Bahiya Sutta
Focus: unspecified
Brief: A five week course on Pure Awareness Meditation Practice explored from the viewpoint of each of the 3 yanas.
Viveka, San Francisco Buddhist Center

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