Individual Meditation Practices

Introduction to the Metta Bhavana
Foundation level teaching units for Metta Bhavana. Each unit explores an aspect of metta. They can be pieced together to make a 3-week introduction to metta, or imported into your own design for a metta introductory course. Developed by Ruchiraketu, adapted by Adiccabandhu, and peer-reviewed by the Lighting the Flame Group.

One-Page Summary and Handout of our Meditations
Provided by Lokabandhu, who says: “I produced it for use in Buddhafield and Bodh Gaya, I’ve always liked it as a very compact one-page summary of our meditations. The idea is that it is a one-page printout that folds into 4 and makes a miniature leaflet. It does need a printer that can cope with small margins though…”

Another short hand-out on the essentials of our practices: Posture, body awareness, Mindfulness of Breathing, Metta Bhavana – from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre.

The Four Reminders
Focus: Aimed at regulars and above.
Brief: Guided meditations on the Four Reminders (also known as the Preliminary Reflections): the precious opportunity of human life; death; karma; and the defects of samsara. This material contains:
1. A structure for teaching and reflection on the Four Reminders
2. Verses on the Four Reminders
3. A commentary
Some of this material was previously published in Madhyamavani.
Vishvapani, Cardiff

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