Submitting material

Some guidelines for submitting material to this site

The usefulness of these resources depend on all of us: users no less than provider. Please help us improve the material and, through that, the quality of our teaching. You can do so through constructive comments, peer reviews, as well as by providing your own material.

Please submit any teaching material you have developed yourself as an RTF or a Microsoft Word file. Please send it to the FWBO Development Team, currently c/o Lokabandhu. In the accompanying email provide the following information for the web site:

(Course) Title
Who material is aimed at
Brief (less than 100 words) description of contents
Your name and centre.
For example:

Introducing Buddhism
Aimed at newcomers
A six week course covering the Life of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, with discussion guides and readings
Sunyamati, Yourtown Buddhist Centre.
In the text, include a covering note for your reader, with guidance on how to use the material.

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