Teaching Methods

here you’ll find material on the how (as opposed to the what) of Dharma teaching. So far, we’ve got the following on the pages in this section…

1) Speakers’ Classes—Cittapala’s workshops for buddhists who want to develop confidence in public speaking. Furthermore, there are notes on public speaking, sent to us by the Bristol Buddhist Centre.

2) A study by Ruchiraketu on the choice of words when leading/teaching meditation.

3) Ideas on creative activities in mitra study groups.

4) Introduction to the VIEW Model
Principles and practice of Dharma teaching. A model for interactive Dharma teaching and learning: Vision, Influencing, Exploring, Working with groups. Developed by Sinhaketu and peer-reviewd by the Lighting the Flame group.

5) Guidelines for Study Leaders: Some excellent reminders on how to lead study. These points were provided by Padmavajri, who collated them after a retreat lead by Ratnaguna at Vajrakuta/Dharmavastu in 1998.

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