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A mitra ceremony on a Buddhafield retreatResources for the Triratna Mitra Community

These pages contain helpful information about becoming a mitra, including the text of a new booklet ‘What is a Mitra’ by Vadanya and an account of how the process of asking to be a mitra works in practice, by Subhadramati. There is also the ‘Becoming a Mitra’ booklet used by the Bristol Buddhist Centre. You are welcome to modify the latter for your own Centre or local Triratna situation.

Becoming a Mitra – booklet by Vadanya (revised 2011)

A Guide to the Triratna Dharma Training Course for Mitras

How the mitra system operates in practice – by Subhadramati

Bristol Buddhist Centre ‘Becoming a Mitra’ booklet

What is a Mitra? by Padmavajra

Some Recommendations and Suggestions for a successful Mitra Ceremony

Resources for the new Triratna Dharma Training Course for Mitras
November 2010

The materials for the new Triratna Dharma Training Course for Mitras are now available from

Feedback on Dharma Training Course
A new on-line forum has just got underway on which mitra group leaders can make comments, suggestions, and corrections to the new mitra course. This will have two big benefits:

1) It collects ideas and information needed to improve the course over time
2) It will also be a place where group leaders can find out how others have led or approached a particular module, share good ideas, and so on.

Each group leader needs to get their own username and password to access the forum. If you are a mitra group leader and would like to participate, please e-mail Vajrashura (who has kindly set up the forum) he’ll set up an account for you, usually within a day or two. His e-mail is:, and the URL of the forum is

The Mitra System and Triratna groups
The Mitra Convenors have recently requested some dialogue around how Triratna groups (who are likely to be without Mitra Convenors, etc) might relate to the Mitra System. Please contact Lokabandhu or Vajragupta if you are interested in this as they may have an update.

The latest communication from them (November 2009) says – “we had a bit of a discussion about how outlying groups can plug into the mitra system and have the following points to make:

* We’d like to encourage groups to contact the mitra convenors at their nearest centre. maybe the MCs could visit and talk about becoming a mitra.

* Once MCs have this connection they could invite people in the group to events at their Centre. This would enable people in the group to connect up with a wider sangha, including other order members.

* We would prefer it if groups didn’t make people mitras without involving a MC in some way; the MCs are spending time at the moment making adjustments to the system by which people become mitras, ensuring a similar approach is taken by different centres (with room for flexibility depending on conditions) and we’d like to invite groups to share in this common approach. It will mean that mitras in groups are more closely part of the wider mitra sangha. There will be a booklet and, I imagine, online info that communicate this approach.

* If there are not enough people in the group for following the Dharma Training Programme to be possible, or if people’s circumstances are possible, Suvarnagarbha offers distance study on a dana basis.

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