Publicity and Networking

In this section you will find a collection of ideas and information relating to publicity, networking, and communication.

It includes material on inter-faith and inter-buddhist work and some notes on the role  Triratna  plays in both  arenas.

You’ll find ideas for better produced publicity on the “bright ideas” pages of the site; and advice about better web-based publicity, in the internet strategy section.


We now have a range of pre-designed posters where you can just fill in your local details on-line, print them out -and hey presto! – there’s your poster!  They can be accessed here – Posters you can adapt for your own use. When choosing images, copyright issues are important – click here for some guidance.

Two resources prepared by Jnanarakshita are –

Guide to producing publicity materials (pdf)

Sample publicity materials (pdfs)

Latest publicity resources are also introduced in the Lighting the Flame newsletter elsewhere on this site.

The ‘Triratna Resources Sheet‘ can be used as a simple handout giving links to many of Triratna’s main on-line resources. It includes sections on Meditation, Study, Audio/Visual, About the Triratna Buddhist Community, Retreats (in UK), and Books; it mentions Windhorse, FreeBuddhistAudio, ClearVision, Sangharakshita’s website, Triratna News and many more.

There’s also a link to an excellent sheet on how to produce good publicity, produced by the UK’s ‘Directory of Social Change’. Click here to view their “10 tips for successful promotional literature“.

Three Jewels Logo

Satyadarshin has re-prepared the three jewels ‘logo’ that has been in circulation for some years. No one seemed to know what had happened to the original artwork, and a few of us use it in various places. The artwork is available in two formats., PDF and JPG. Just click on one of the links below to download a copy. Further down the page there’s another version, prepared by Dhammasena from the Croydon Buddhist Centre.

The Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.  As used for the logo of Triratna News

Download the .jpg edition (no background)

Download the .pdf edition (no background)

Download the .jpg edition (blue background)

Download the .pdf edition (blue background)

Croydon 3 jewels sign drawn by Dhammasena

Because the artwork is a vector drawing it can be resized and re-purposed to almost any size and format. So if you want a specialised variation on the theme, please ask Satyadarshin. The logo is free for use in any Triratna venture.

Triratna inter-Buddhist contacts
Inter-Buddhist work
There is a new page detailing some of the Triratna Buddhist Community’s inter-Buddhist contacts in the UK, Europe, and the world.

Inter-Faith work
The new Inter-Faith page details some new initiatives by the UK Government to engage its faith communities more actively – including information on grants available (best to check the fundraising page too for these).

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