This page introduces some of the ways the FWBO is active in inter-Buddhist work.

In the UK it is an active member of the NBO (Network of Buddhist Organisations), with Dhammarati and Lokabandhu on the Activities committee – Munisha also attends as a representative from ClearVision. The NBO is a well-respected UK umbrella group – see for a membership list.

Also in the UK Order Members are well-respresented in the Network of Engaged Buddhists (NEB) – see, with regular articles in their magazine Indra’s Net. Maitrisara is their Secretary.

In Europe Dhammarati attends meetings of the EBU (European Buddhist Union) and the European Teachers meeting. Local centres are members of the Dutch Buddhist Union (Gunabhadri and Ujukarin have both worked for it) and the German Buddhist Union (DBU).

Internationally, TBMSG are members of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) –; Lokamitra is on their Executive Committee. Dhammakranti are active in the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) and the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth; and Clearvision have been to Bhutan advising the government there on its teaching of Buddhism in schools. Reports on these and more can be found on FWBO News – see

These are in addition to the many friendly contacts individual FWBO Centres will have with other local Buddhists.

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