Triratna Photos Website

Lokabandhu has created the Triratna Photos Website – with hundreds and hundreds of photos of Triratna centres and events… It has the potential to be expanded to include much more and be a valuable photo and publicity archive for centres…

Instructions for using the Triratna Photos website

Please send me (via the “contact us” page) any comments on the ease-of-use of these instructions.

Triratna Photos is hosted on ‘flickr’.  Go to to see what it currently looks like and to get ideas for what kind of pictures you might like to contribute.  You will need broadband unless you are very patient.

In order to add photos easily you need to do the following (on a Windows machine, I don’t know what the equivalent would be for MACs (probably not hard to work out):

* Activate your internet connection.

* Download and install the flickr uploading tool; this inserts a new right-click option into Windows Explorer called ‘send to flickr’ which does exactly what it says.  You’ll find it at  You only need to do this once.

* Get your photos onto your computer, if possible making sure each one is not a massive file size.  Anything bigger than 200kb is only going to make viewing it slower.

* Give all your photos proper file names, eg ‘Vajraloka Shrine.jpg’ rather than the default ‘DSCN5011’ or whatever your camera calls your pictures.

* Go to and log on, using the ‘Yahoo’ option.  The user name is ‘FWBO_photos’, the password is as per my email to all Triratna Centre Managers dated July 29th 2006 and headed ‘FWBO Photos…’.  if you don’t have it please let Lokabandhu know and he will send it.  From time it time it will be changed and notification sent to all FWBO Centre Managers and others who may want to contribute to the site.  This will give everyone access to the site on exactly the same terms, able to add and delete any and all pictures.  Obviously please don’t change anyone’s apart from yours!

* Have a look at what’s there and decide what you’re going to add.

* Then leave flickr for the time being, go to Windows Explorer and browse to your photos.

* Click and highlight on all the photos you want to add (you can highlight multiple photos at once by holding down the CTRL button as you click)

* While they are all still highlighted, right-click and select the “send to flickr” option.  This will activate the flickr uploading tool.

* Choose which set your photos will become part of, generally I’d imagine they would join the one referring to your centre. At this point you have the chance to either select that already-existing set or create a new one in the name of your centre.
[NB: I strongly recommend you get your head round the flickr jargon of ‘sets’ and ‘tags’.  SETS are like photo albums; there is basically one per centre, called eg ‘Vajraloka Retreat Centre’ or similar.  Thus there are about 100 in total which isn’t too overwhelming for anyone to browse through.  TAGS are keywords that you can give any photo or set of photos and which make them much more findable.  I recommend when uploading any photos you give them the tags ‘FWBO’, ‘Vajraloka’ (or wherever is appropriate), ‘Buddhism’, and anything else you fancy – one picture can have many tags.  If you upload many pictures at once they all have to have the same tags, however you can go back to individual ones later and add or amend its tags.  I was also giving my photos an ‘LB’ tag to signify myself as the photographer – that’s up to you.]

* Once you have selected your photos, chosen or created the set they will belong to, and added the tags, just click ‘upload’ and off they go!

* Once they are online go back to and log on, you should see your new or modified set.  Sometimes it takes a while to appear.  You can then (a) choose one photo to be the representative for that set and (b) alter the order in which the photos appear.  Both these are done just by clicking and dragging.  You can remove photos from the set also by clicking and dragging them to the bottom of the page

* Enjoy!

I’ve found flickr very easy to use; I’d be very interested in your experience and also in hearing whether or not these instructions are easy to follow. Once they are OK I will most likely be sending them to other interested parties. 


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