Sangha Building

This section contains seven sections –

A new page with resources for building ‘Triratna Parents‘ sanghas, including a link to a Facebook group for Triratna Parents

A page on inclusivity,
– building up to a collection of tips for making Triratna Centres more accessible and inclusive to all.

A page on communities,
– building up to a collection of resources for anyone thinking to start (or manage) a residential community.

A page on organising retreats
– finding a venue, venue checklist, sample shopping list and recipes… More contributions welcome!

Free Buddhist Audio Community Uploads.
Triratna Centres and groups are now able to upload their talks directly to Free Buddhist Audio, where they appear on the pages. This page gives detailed instructions on how to register with FBA, how to record your talks, and how to upload them.

Facilitating Strategy and Vision.
Amaraketu provided this guide to developing a successful strategy and vision in your council and/or sangha when he was chair of the Bristol Buddhist Centre.

Working with Volunteers
Currently contains three documents: ‘Volunteering’ – a handbook for Triratna Buddhist Centre managers; the Ipswich Centre’s Volunteer Handbook, and their draft Mentoring Scheme for volunteers. More to be added soon!

Finally there’s an introduction to the Order Mediation Panel.

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