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This introduction and instructions come from Candradasa. He says –

Dear Friends,

Some of you in the past year have been helping us develop our community archiving features here at Free Buddhist Audio by taking on to upload your own situation’s talks to our Community section.

As those of you who have been involved will know, the system we had to employ was a bit arcane for those not familiar with the technology behind the internet, and we’ve been mulling for some time how to design a replacement service that would let everyone take part, making it super-easy to upload talks direct to your own Centre or Institution’s Community page without having to go through the team at Dharmachakra.

So, I’m very happy today (and somewhat relieved!) to invite you to try it out! It’s live online already, and we hope you’ll enjoy using it and archiving your own recordings while helping us boost greatly the number and range of talks we have on FBA.

If your Centre/Institution is not a current user – or it is but you haven’t already received an email with your new log-in details – then please get in touch and let us know if you’d like to take part. We’ll be very glad to get you set up…

E-mail us at – uploads [at]

As you can imagine, it is no small technical feat to open the system up to all Triratna Buddhist Community situations worldwide, keep it secure, and integrate with the website as we originally designed it! Much kudos then to Samudradaka and Akasapriya, our technical whizzes who have helped us get the system in place. Samudradaka in particular has worked long hours on a steep learning curve, and with his terrific efforts we think we’ve made something pretty nifty.

No doubt, you’ll encounter a few glitches here and there, so please do let us know your thoughts on ease of use and anything else you want to tell us about. One or two of the features will take a week or two longer to appear live on the site (eg. multiple genres for talks) but feel free to enter the information for your talks before then – it will be retained and will be in place as soon as possible. We’re also going to be introducing new features in the next month or so, particularly the ability for you to edit your previously uploaded talk information and add talks to a newly created series.

Here are some basic ground rules for using the service (you can also read these and some handy tooltips online, as part of the system itself):

1. We are tying security for this system to the email addresses on the official Order address list. So the designated person with overall responsibility for uploads from your situation must be an Order member and their address will be the one to which we send all communication regarding the account details themselves: changed passwords, etc.

2. If you/the designated Order member decide to delegate responsibility for uploads to someone else, that’s fine but please inform us.

N.B. The designated Order member will still be considered responsible for all material sent to the site on your situation’s behalf.

3. Some users will be able to choose more than one destination for their uploads, including the general Order and FWBO community pages. If you are one of those people, please think carefully about your choice and if in doubt ask us first! As a rule of thumb, talks given on general Order/Triratna events (eg held at Padmaloka or Taraloka) would be sent to the respective Order/Triratna page rather than to the venue’s own page.

4. The biggest problem we have with talks uploaded by community users is sound quality! There are comprehensive instructions within the system on how to make a good recording and do some very simple editing afterwards (if you need to spruce things up a little). They are available here – Please take the time to read this and pass it on to the relevant person at your Centre. We understand that it can seem a bit technically scary as soon as someone starts talking about editing recordings! But the instructions are clear and lay out some simple steps that won’t be too challenging and shouldn’t take much time either.

If you need any further help – for example in choosing a good audio recorder – then please do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

5. The team at Dharmachakra will continue to handle all images for talks. Please be patient about this – if a lot of you upload talks there will inevitably be a backlog at times! Until we get round to uploading them, your talk will appear with a generic image representing your situation. We may contact you and ask for images of new speakers if we don’t have a picture of them on file.

We hope your situation will benefit from the new service and that you’ll find it straightforward to use. We look forward to hearing from you – and listening to your talks!

with metta,


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