Creating a Culture of Learning and Development

The following resources are designed to get discussion going amongst chairs, and team and project leaders on the need for more of a culture of “learning and development” for people who work in FWBO projects. Because we have an emphasis on “work as spiritual practice”, there are some ways in which we are already very good at this, but perhaps more could be done.

The contents of the resources are listed below.

First is a general guide to the need for training and learning and how to go about identifying your own, and your teams needs.

The second is a directory of sources of training.

The third is information on a UK Learning Skills Council scheme called “Train to Gain”. Through this scheme you can get free advice from a skills broker, plus grants for training for one or two people in your organisation.

Contents of Creating a Culture of Learning and Training:          
1) Introduction.
2) Acknowledgements. 
3) Why do we need “a culture of learning and development”?
4) What’s meant by “learning and development”?   
a) Areas of learning and development
b) Types of learning and training

5) How to identify learning and training needs.    
a) Avoiding lousy training!
b) A strategic approach to learning and development
c) Stages of learning and training

6) Leadership training        
a) Some quotes on leadership
b) Contemporary models of leadership
c) Building shared vision
d) An FWBO leaders model

7) Succession planning    
a) General points
b) Sample job description for a centre chair

8) Some practical points about obtaining training

Contents of Directory of Training Resources:

1) Where to obtain learning & training: directory of resources

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