Financial Support

Making Team Based Right Livelihood
More Attractive: Financial Support

There are two documents available in this section.  The first, from Vajragupta, and written in December 2007, contains suggestions, recommendations, and exploratory questions for FWBO Centres and Team-Based Right Livelihood projects (TBRL’s) in the area of financial support for those that work in them: financial-support-jan08.pdf

It is particularly concerned with making working for the movement an attractive long-term option for people, not just something they do for a short while before going back to the ‘real world’ in search of financial security.

There are six main areas covered:

1) Paying National Insurance and State Pensions
2) An FWBO Pensions Policy? 
3) Support or Wages or Salary? 
4) Support as a Spiritual Practice: Keeping the Ideal Alive
5) Other Ways of Supporting People: Training and Learning, Sabbaticals, Housing

Much of the time, I’ll be simply passing on what I’ve learnt through various conversations I’ve had round UK FWBO Centres. I’d particularly like to thank Ketaraja who gave me a morning of his time to talk about all the thinking and reflecting on past experience that has gone into the current policies on financial support at Windhorse:Evolution. I was impressed by what they’d done. However, the responsibility for the accuracy of what follows is mine.

The second, from Lokabandhu, and written in June 2008, explores in more detail the situation that many who have been involved for much of their lives in FWBO Team-Based Right Livelihoods will probably face on reaching old age.  It can be read here: Notes on pensions by Lokabandhu.

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