Exercises & Reflections

This page contains ideas for workshops, exercises, or reflections on the practice right livelihood, as opposed to material containing articles and resources, which is found on the previous page.

With many thanks to those who’ve provided material, especially Dhammaloka and Ratnaprabha.

How to find what you’re looking for:
The material has been arranged into different categories to help you find what is relevant to you:
A) Determining your vision and direction
B) Mindfulness of time
C) Ethics
D) Money and Spiritual Life

A) Determining your vision and direction:
1) developing-vision.pdf, by Dhammaloka
An exercise for connecting with most inspires and energises you.
2) vision-and-gaining-commitment.pdf, by Sinhaketu
This exercise can be used at the beginning of any course to connect people to their values and the relevance/application of these in their every-day life.
3) purpose-in-life.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A simple reflection on your main purposes in life.
4) determining-your-priorities.pdf, by Dhammaloka
Three simple reflections on identifying what is most important in your life and who you really want to be.
5) right_livelihood_annual_review_template A simple template for an individual’s annual Right Livelihood review
6) ratnaprabha_themes_for_right_livelihood_meetings – Ratnaprabha (4 pages)
Very useful set of suggestions for themes to explore in Right Livelihood meetings

B) Mindfulness of time:
1) waking-up-to-time.pdf, taken from the book “MasterWork: Master of Time” by Arnaud Maitland.
A practical way to wake up to time is to become aware of how you have used it, and this is an exercise that stretches over four months, looking at patterns in how you use time.
2) mastering-time.pdf
A daily worksheet for the previous exercise.

C) Ethics:
1) exploring-the-ethical-dimension-of-our-work.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A guided reflection on how our work accords with traditional notions of ethical/right livelihood.
2) identifying-habits-and-patterns.pdf, by Dhammaloka
An exercise that helps to identify with habitual patterns in our working day.
coursing-the-worldly-winds-1-recognition.pdf, by Vajragupta
Text explaining the teaching of the 8 worldly winds, plus a refelction on identifying them in your life.
4) coursing-the-worldly-winds-2-responding.pdf, by vajragupta
A follow-up to the previous workshop, looking at antidotes to the worldly winds.

D) Money and spiritual life:
1) reflecting-on-money-1.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A questionnaire that may reveal some underlying attitudes to money, plus a compilation of quotations.
2) reflecting-on-money-2.pdf, by Dhammaloka
Three questions about what it really means to be “rich”.
3) reflecting-on-money-3.pdf, by Dhammaloka
A questionnaire exploring past conditioning and present attitudes to money.

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